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Tax Planning by Towers + Gornall

Are you as wealthy as you could be? Check if you’re losing out


Tax Planning

Tax related services

Our services are key to reaching your goals and securing your financial future. 


Towers + Gornall offer you a wide range of tax planning services designed to ensure the tax you pay is ultimately a fair, yet minimal, amount, in addition to all the normal compliance services.


Our services offered include :-


Inheritance Tax (IHT) and Will Planning


With a tax rate of 40% too large a chunk of family wealth can be lost, and high house values mean ordinary, everyday people are being brought in to the IHT net.


 T+G experts help mitigate this and protect your family wealth for future generations.



Retirement planning and pensions

Are you going to have enough income in retirement to maintain your current standard of living?



Research and Development (R&D)


R&D is more than just people in lab coats with test tubes. There are Corporation Tax savings to be achieved and we will review the possibility of an R&D claim and prepare the application on the company’s behalf.


Succession Planning 


Are you concerned about passing the business on?  T+G review the tax position and offer solutions and options.


Remuneration Planning and Profit Extraction


Could you be receiving your income more tax efficiently?  Make the most of allowances and tax bands.



Capital Gains Tax Planning 


Are you considering selling an asset?  Can things be structured more tax efficiently?  Are there other options available?  Are there any reporting requirements?



Tax Compliance


  • Preparing your personal and corporate tax returns.

  • Advising on tax payments and deadlines.

  • Reviewing and advising on HMRC correspondence and dealing with any enquiries and investigations.

Are you as wealthy as you could be? Check if you’re losing out

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