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Updated: Nov 6

If you are confused and need help to find the support that might be available for this second lockdown, please don't be stressed, as we can help you with all the information you need

Feel free to email if you need additional help, but first it will save you time if you have a quick look here, as a lot of your queries will be covered in the Lockdown Two blogs below :-

Local Authority grants for closed business or those hit by a severe drop in demand

Furlough changes:- That is covered here along with the letter templates you need.

The homepage for all our Covid Support is updated several times a day.

Covid Support Blog found on our home page has our A-Z of all the support available.

You can also get lots of your questions on Covid support answered on the video Q+A below as Towers and Gornall Strategic Growth Consultant, Eamonn Watson, joined The Festival of Enterprise to answer the business community's questions.

The Q and A begins from 17 minutes 39 seconds.

If you need any further help please email us at any time on covid19@tagac.co.uk or call 01995 600 600 during office hours.


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