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As the government this week kicked off its Time is Running Out campaign in earnest, most small businesses would admit they have been dizzied, amidst a blitz of Covid regulations and honestly been distracted from any plan to implement end of EU membership changes.

Michael Gove ramped up the volume this morning, "Make no mistake, there are changes coming in just 75 days and time is running out for businesses to act. It is on all of us to put in the work now ,so that we can embrace the new opportunities available to an independent, trading nation with control of its own borders, territorial waters and laws." he said.

Whether the final deal is based on the Australian or Canadian models or not , it's already clear that there are rules that will alter the way your business operates, whatever sector you are in. It's your responsibility to make sure you comply now, regardless of the fact that the final agreement struck may add supplementary rules, there are a number of things you can do to prepare.

This online, planning tool provides a bespoke report based upon your circumstances. Answer the multiple choice questions and you can generate a report in a couple of minutes that gives you a link to all the rules based on your own circumstances.

Take the questionnaire, get your report here and find out what you need to do.

For the Agriculture sector we have a second blog to help you too Agri rules for Jan 1 2021.


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