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This is an unprecedented time for all our businesses, and the truth is, what lies ahead will be a real challenge for all of us. It is up to all of us to step up, whether we are working from home, or from the office in the coming months.

I am therefore writing to all our clients to tell you that as of today, Thursday 19th March, Towers & Gornall, will provide all businesses in the local area, whether they are currently our clients or not, with access to a dedicated, business crisis support service. As far as we are concerned that’s our duty to do our bit and help where we can. Our promise to you is that Towers & Gornall will give you all the support possible in the uncertain times that lie ahead for all us.

You will all understand that we must free the core team of 40 to prioritise businesses in immediate distress, in relation to issues directly affecting them as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. If you have an enquiry that is not Coronavirus related, we ask that you consider the current situation and bear with us.

To ensure we offer support in the quickest and most effective way, from tomorrow there will be regular updates on our website and social media channels. We urge you to follow those pages now if you don’t already, by clicking the links below.

Covid 19 Support Blogs


Linked In

The Business Support team here will take your initial call, discuss and document your immediate concerns and ensure a call back from the relevant member of the team of staff at Towers & Gornall.

We will support you and we will get through this together. In the interim, most importantly take care of your families and stay safe.

Mick Gornall

Managing Director

Towers & Gornall

Tel :01995 600 600


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